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An online based educational platform that teaches the inner workings of today’s music business.



100+ Modules

70 initial & 30+ Dripped

50+ Instructors

30 initial & 21+ Dripped

55+ Hours

15 initial & 40+ Dripped

Learn from Industry Professionals

Artists, Producers, Managers, A&Rs, Songwriters, Engineers, & More.

Understanding the Music Business

from those who are living it every day and share their experience through interview style videos.

"A digital mentorship that includes the tips, tricks, and guidance straight from industry veterans who have learned through direct experience."

Continuous + Diverse Learning

New Instructors and video drops added throughout the course of your membership to make learning on your own pace continuous and current. You will have up close and personal access to modules by industry professional across topics in your own studio library.

stem distribution
battle rap
mixing & mastering
video directing
guerilla marketing

and many more.

Studio Library

Your own online studio library filled with videos you can watch anytime, at your own pace, as many times as you want.


University orientation that includes online assessments, university badges & more…

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Access to join We Working University's private Facebook group and connect with other likeminded individuals.

24/7 Access

Accessible on mobile and desktop with 99% uptime on the Cloud. All you need is internet connection.

Diverse Insights

Unlike other courses, We Working University gives you candid insight and knowledge from a diverse group of industry professionals.


Get access to exclusive discounts and offers for special events, advanced courses, and premium content.

"If you are a serious artist / producer / manager / etc. you are crazy if you don’t take the time to soak up this game!"

"...I've took plenty Music business classes but NOTHING like this...straight from the source of the people that HAVE done it and ARE STILL doing it..."

"Groundbreaking and authentic!! Nothing out here like it @weworking brilliant"

Tried & True

The Business is not just Fame and Fortune. There are truths that are not easy to come by unless you hear it from instructors who know. We Working University brings those insights to light from the likes of Krayzie Bone that will help you have a long career.

Firsthand Experience

Hear from industry pros sharing firsthand what they did, how they did it, and what you should take away from it. Experience is key which is truly what Breal brings as a We Working University Instructor!

All Aspects of The Business

Learn the ins and outs of almost every aspect of the Music Business from Merchandising to Branding. True insights from the instructors like Berner who have mastered the craft.

Behind The Scenes Insight

The Music Business run deeps when it comes to those involved and the importance of each role to make a successful song, album, and artist. Get a behind the scenes look from those that are involved, the process they take, and why they chose to take on that role like Dallas Martin's module on A&R.

For More than Just Artists

We Working University's Music Business membership is for more than just artists. Managers, Publicist, Sound Engineers, A&Rs, Songwriters, Producers, etc. can gain insights from the modules available through the membership. Hear from the likes of Steve Lobel on Management!

Connect with Others

The Music Business is all about networking, connecting, collaborating, and working with others to reach your full potential and thrive ( hear from Randy Urbanski on the importance of networking in Audio Engineering ). This is why we, at We Working University, automatically give members access to the exclusive We Working University Private Facebook group. Sign up and get connecting!

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The Music Business Membership


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